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May 29, 2012 Rosies Dog Beach


Basil really doesn’t like water.  Lakes, rivers, hoses, puddles.  He’s just not that into it.  But, being a California puppy and all, I thought he should at least experience the ocean.  At least just once!  So we headed down to Rosies’ Dog Beach in Long Beach.  And it.was.awesome.  Have you been here!?  It’s the only official off leash dog beach in LA.

I think he liked the water, but hated the swimming… his legs are just too tiny :-)  Mostly he loved chasing the other dogs and rolling in the sand.  Then he slept for two days. I love that pup.

muffins 007 Rosies Dog Beach

muffins 008 Rosies Dog Beach

muffins 009 Rosies Dog Beach

muffins 010 Rosies Dog Beach

muffins 011 Rosies Dog Beach


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