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Whiskey Apple 1 The Simplest Whiskey Apple Cocktail




Just the other night, I wanted a cocktail.  I wanted something that was tasty and kind of interesting.  My pre-baby self would have made something intricate and kind of a pain in the ass.  But I like doing that and I find it relaxing.  I still do.  For the most part.  But the other night, I was tired and just wanted to curl up on the couch with a cocktail in hand.  Simple.  And since it was evening and the baby was already sleeping, I had to use ingredients I just happened to have in the house.    Oh, and I had nothing in the house.

So.  Whiskey, apple juice, orange juice and a hit of cinnamon.  You guys, it was delicious.  And interesting.  And easy.  And you probably have it sitting in your house right now.  You could definitely make it more complicated and I’m guessing it would be so delicious with this Spiced Simple Syrup I made a few years ago.  But you don’t even have to go there.  This one here is one step above just pouring whiskey over ice.  Which is nice if you’re in to that kind of thing, but try this little concoction if you want something a little lighter, and a tad bit wintery.   Enjoy!
Easy Whiskey Apple Cocktails 0001 1024x765 The Simplest Whiskey Apple Cocktail

The Simplest Whiskey Cocktail


2 oz Whiskey

1.5 oz apple juice (I used the unfiltered from Trader Joes)

.5 oz orange juice (I squeezed a Cara Cara Orange, but you could use juice too, even easier!)

Dash of cinnamon


Throw it all in glass with ice, stir it for a tiny moment and then sit on your couch. Enjoy!