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Bedrooms for babies are kind of the best.  They can be fun and cute and whimsical… all things that I don’t necessarily do in any other room.  I’ve put more color in McCartys room than in the rest of our house combined.  It’s been so much fun playing around here!

This little project was born of necessity… two necessities actually.  We needed to fill some weird empty space between the glider and the closet and start to contain a growing lot of tiny little books.
customized Ikea book ledge 0001 682x1024 Babys Room Book Ledges

It was so simple!  The white ledges are from IKEA, meant for pictures frames.  I could have probably just stopped there.  But I felt like they would just come tumbling off the shelves if I didn’t add something to hold them all in.  I picked up a 10′ length of copper pipe from Lowes, 90 degree joints and little things to attach on the sides (I have no clue what those little guys are called.)

Turns out, cutting the pipe is super simple! I wasn’t sure how to do it, but you just use a pipe cutter (seems like a duh moment, no?) and it’s so easy!  Spin, tighten, spin, tighten, spin, tighten and then you have two pipes.  We cut long lengths for the front and two short pieces for each side. Attach the 90 degree joints, attach the short ends with the u-shaped clips , super glue it all for good measure and nail the wood to the wall above the photo ledge.  We used redwood, oiled with tung oil, mostly just because that’s what we had in the garage.  Also, it’s real pretty!  I was sad when I put the books onto the shelves and realized you couldn’t see it anymore.  But my friends with older kids informed me that one day McC will make sure that all the books are on the floor and I’ll be able to see the wood again icon smile Babys Room Book Ledges

customized Ikea book ledge 0002 1024x767 Babys Room Book Ledges customized Ikea book ledge 0003 1024x767 Babys Room Book Ledges


McCarty is nine months old and I’m still putzing around in here, changing little things and moving it all around.  I’m hoping to get it to a good place soon!  Fingers crossed, a little baby room tour coming up soon!