February 18, 2015 Passion Fruit Curd

As much as I’d love to make an entire cake, I just don’t have enough passion fruits to do it yet (because I’m sure people are stealing things from me).  So, I make half recipes for other little bits of goodness that I can mix in to other things.  Passion fruit is a REALLY strong flavor, so this works in my favor!

Curd!  You can make small amounts and it goes pretty far.  And you can mix it in anything.  Today I mixed it with fruit and yogurt and it was delicious.  Or you could make a pound cake and slather it all over the place.  Or on vanilla ice cream.   I haven’t done that one yet, but I’m sure it will be incredible.  Do it and let me know!

I took the recipe from here, it was super delicious and incredibly easy.

Passion Fruit Curd 0001 Passion Fruit Curd
Passion Fruit Curd 0002 Passion Fruit Curd

Passion Fruit Curd


2 eggs, plus 2 extra yolks

5 tablespoons fresh passionfruit pulp

1 oz unsalted butter cut into small dice

1/4 cup superfine sugar


Put all the ingredients into a bowl set over a pan of simmering water and stir constantly until the mixture starts to thicken and take on the appearance of a thin custard.  Continue to cook, still stirring, until it thickens further, about 10 minutes.  Remove from the heat immediately so as not to overcook.  Ladle the curd into a clean jar or container, and leave to cool before covering and refrigerating.

Note – don’t let the water in the pot boil.  I did and I’m pretty sure I overcooked it a bit.  It’s fine, tastes great, but the texture is a little chunkier as opposed to smooth.

Mixed in with yogurt and some fresh fruit, it makes for a delicious snack!  Enjoy!

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