February 13, 2015 Passion Fruit Cocktail


About five years ago, I wanted to cover the front fence in our yard.  It’s so Americana, it hurts.   White picket fence surrounding the yard.  Eventually we’d like to pull it out and build something more structurally sound, but for now, it works real well.   So I bought a pretty vine that makes really pretty flowers.  I didn’t really realize at the time that (a) those flowers would turn in to passion fruits or (b) that the vine would take over the ENTIRE fence.   I’m so happy on both of those points though, thrilled really! 

Passion Fruit Cocktail 0002 Passion Fruit Cocktail
But passion fruits are tough for a few reasons, especially when they’re on the sidewalk.  I think people steal them.   My husband thinks I’m crazy, but I’m so absolutely sure that we have at least half of them go missing before they’re really ready to come off the vine.  I’m torn on taking them early and risking them never fully ripening.  Or letting them stay and risking someone else taking them.   Normally, I wouldn’t mind.  Feed the neighborhood!   But, it takes a dozen of these little suckers to make anything that might feed more than one person.  So I want to hoard them like a crazy person.
So I stalk the vine and hide them behind as many leaves as I can.  Seriously, crazy person style.
But now I have seven, so I can do something!   First up, a cocktail so heavenly that I made mine with sparking water instead of champagne and it was delicious.  I would drink ten of them.  And I could really, because it’s fruit and water!  But if I was you, I’d make it with champagne.

Passion Fruit Cocktail 0001 Passion Fruit Cocktail

Basil Passion Fruit Cocktail
1 oz Passion Fruit Juice & Pulp
1 oz Basil Simple Syrup
Basil Simple Syrup
1/4 cup sugar
1/4 cup water
4 large basil leaves
Make the Basil Simple Syrup – put sugar & water in a small pot and bring to a simmer, just until sugar melts.   Add basil leaves and allow to soak until basil leaves start to turn, around 20 minutes.   You can easily make larger batches, just add equal parts sugar and water, then as much basil as your heart desires.
Mix the Cocktail – Slice open the passion fruit and pull out everything inside; pulp, juice and seeds.  Depending on the size of your passion fruits, you might need one or two. Mix 1 oz of the pulp/juice/seeds with 1 oz of the Basil Simple Syrup in a cocktail shaker with ice.  Pour into a coupe, holding back the ice.  Top with champagne.  Enjoy!
Honestly, you could use the passion fruit juice/pulp and simple syrup mixture with sparkling water.  Or gin.  It might even be really lovely with bourbon.  It’s incredible and super flexible!

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  1. Catherine says:

    This recipe looks amazing! I love that you have passion fruit growing in your yard, those are my favorite fruits and need to find some. Maybe I should look into that same vine. Thanks for sharing this awesome cocktail recipe.

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