February 2, 2015 Drinking While Pregnant


Pre-pregnancy, a lot of my social life revolved around drinking.  We would hang out in the front yard with our friends and a bottle of rosé.  We would walk down to a local bar and catch up on the week over a few cocktails.  Dinners had wine.  Social gatherings had beer.  And I’m a big fan of all of it!

Nothing has changed really, except that I can’t imbibe.  So, sitting on a blanket in the front yard has kind of lost that je ne sais quoi.  I’ll have the occasional glass of red wine with a special dinner, but the days of curling up in front of the fire place with a few bottles of wine and my love are over, at least for a bit.   And that’s OK.  Surprisingly, I don’t miss it all as much as I thought I might.  We have to be a bit more creative with a free time, but I’ve seen more of Los Angeles and even my own neighborhood over the last five months.  I’ll be back to the cocktails as soon as I can, but for now, I’ve come up with a few ways to make gatherings a little special for myself.

When we have people over, go out, or when I would normally create something to drink, I’ve found that still making something special still makes me feel like an adult!  Nothing like drinking a plastic bottle of water while everyone else sips on something pretty to make you feel like a total outcast.  So, I pick up interesting bottles of sodas or waters when I see them.  Sometimes I’ll doctor them up, sometimes I’ll just pour them into a pretty glass or pull out an interesting ice cube.  I can’t tell you how much better sparkling water in a champagne flute taste!  Really, do it.  Even if you can drink champagne like it’s water, bring a flute into your office and sip that water while you work.  Monday will be so much nicer! You feel like an adult, like a real person… and dammit, that’s important when everything else in your life is feeling a little bit upside down!   So, break out the crystal, pour in your water/soda/juice add a sprig of something that smells amazing and relax!
Drinking While Pregnant 0001 Drinking While Pregnant

A girlfriend of mine found these at Cost Plus World Market and it is fabulous!   There are a few flavors… Fuji Apple. Meyer Lemon, Bartlett Pear & this Georgia Peach.  It’s a little bit sweet, but something a little more exciting than sparkling water or plain juice.  I’m guessing that this, along with a shot of Bourbon and that sprig of rosemary would be really amazing.  Like, perfect for a summer day in the front yard amazing.  I know it’s only February, but I can almost taste the summer cocktails!

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  1. EB says:

    HAHA, Lexi did the same drinking sparkling drinks out of a fancy glass trick while pregnant too. Hell, she still does it!

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