France 0001 Our Next Adventure: France

My grandfather always wanted to drive a Winnebago across the country.  Apparently it was something that he talked about a lot, even though I can’t even begin to imagine my grandparents rolling up to Yosemite in a motorized living room. It was  something that he had planned on doing when he retired, when there was time to do that kind of thing.  But he had a stroke at 64 and lived the rest of his years in a nursing home, confined to a bed.  Not that my grandfather didn’t have a million adventures, but I always found it so sad that this one went unrealized.  It always seems like there’s going to be time to do these things, no?  We work hard now, reap the benefits later.  But, as morbid as it sounds, we’re not guaranteed later.  So I plan to live, all out, now.

If we’ve ever met, you probably know that I have a special affinity for France.  The food, and the wine, and the language, and the culture.  It’s my place and I try to get there as often as I can.  My dream is to live there, but just picking up and heading out isn’t really an option, at least not now.  So, we’re going to go test it out.  We’re going to leisurely walk the streets and only eat one dinner a night because we don’t have to squeeze twelve restaurants that I’m dying to try into seven nights.  We’re going to relax, with no projects and no renovations.  We’re going to walk through the Louvre, and maybe not just hit the major attractions, maybe stroll to see it all.  We’re going to sit at cafes and maybe spend an entire afternoon with a cafe au lait.  We’re going to reset from one of our busiest years yet.  And we’re going to live.  Maybe it will get the living abroad bug out of my system.  Or maybe it will become more clear that we should figure out how to do it for real.  But I never want to regret waiting, I want the adventure.
There will be lots of pictures I’m sure, and I’ll be back with some pretty images of my place.  Can’t wait to share it with you!

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