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Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell

Hello and Happy Summer! Let’s celebrate by transporting to the 80′s in this newly-beloved YA novel about an unlikely pair of teens who fall in love for the very first time. If you loved John Green’s The Fault in Our Stars, this one is for you. Rainbow Rowell’s prose is more realistic than Green’s witty froth (to be clear, I love a bit of wit, but I like her dose of reality much more). Of course, the Romeo & Juliet comparisons abound. We’ll never get enough of this story, will we? This take is so satisfying, though, that it feels like something new. Eleanor and Park aren’t your completely typical teens. They have some serious problems that are dealt with so beautifully. And since the book is set in the 80′s, their love is cultivated over comic books and mix tapes. I mean, come on.

I’d suggest making a playlist of The Smiths and a little Joy Division to listen to while reading to get the full effect. Happy Reading!

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