June 28, 2013 Summer Garden Salad


For me, summer time means easy, fresh & delicious meals that taste incredible.  Taste like summer, if you will.  But, as it’s also bathing suit season, I’d like it to be on the healthier side of the fence.  So, as I stared into my fridge earlier this week, considering what I might make myself for lunch, I was stumped.  Blah blah blah, boring, boring, boring.  Then I decided to chop whatever I had, put it in a bowl with some olive oil, and eat it.  And it was heaven.  So good, I’ve done the exact same thing every day this week.   Even my husband (who has an if-there’s-no-meat-it’s-not-a-meal mindset) loves it.   This guy will definitely be in the lunch rotation for the rest of the summer!

Really, you can throw in whatever you’d like and call it a day.  A few stone fruits, some berries, an apple, a cucumber, a tomato, an avocado… the fresher the better!  Whatever is taking up space in your fridge will likely be delicious!  Chop it all and throw it into a bowl with olive oil, salt & pepper.  I use a deliciously coarse fleur de sel and freshly cracked pepper.  It’s absolute perfection.
Garden Salad 0001 Summer Garden Salad

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