January 11, 2013 Workout Classes


I have a little bit of an obsession with workout classes.   And I want to try them all.  It helps me stay somewhat interested in working out, and I workout so that I can eat, and I love food.   So, all in all, a good thing, no?  I especially love when a class is offered on Groupon, such a great way to try new things!  Here are a few of my favorites…

Body Theory, Drenched – If you feel like you need a really good ass-kicking, this is your class. It’s like Tae-Bo, kickboxing and the occasional small weight lifting.  It’s fast, the music is loud, you’ll sweat your face off and burn an enormous amount of calories.  I absolutely love it!  I will say that the room gets quite hot though, and it has carpeting, so the sweaty stench hangs in the air.  The classes are also ENORMOUS and you really have to watch where you throw a kick lest you knock out the person standing next to you.  I forgive it all though because I love the way this class makes me feel!  Definitely bring a towel and a water bottle though, you’ll need both!

Pop Physique – I bought a Groupon for Pop Physique and actually never made it through all six classes.  It’s intense and will definitely change your body!   The rooms are decorated beautifully, the classes are small and it’s on the more luxurious end of small gyms.  Unfortunately, I felt that most of the movements were direct rip-offs of Bar Method and I like Bar Method so much more.

Bar Method – I really do love Bar Method.  The classes are small, the gyms feel inviting, the receptionist knows your name and there’s a locker room to store your things or take a shower.  The workout is a combination of ballet and isometrics to stength and elongate.  And it works, I saw changes in just a few sessions.  Because the classes are so small, there is a lot of one-on-one attention.  My favorite, a little Keurig to make my morning tea when I’m heading out the door.  I will mention that the workouts are quite slow and I found my mind wandering.

Cardio Barre – The workout is similar to Bar Method, but with the addition of cardio, loud music and a much faster pace.  The workout is one of my favorites!   It’s intense, but doable and I always feel great.  Unfortunately, they pack the classes so tightly that you’re basically standing on top of the person in front of you.  The classes back up onto each other so that when I’m spending my five minutes stretching and feeling amazing about myself I have to listen to the women waiting for the next class chat, loudly.  It makes me so angry that I lose that zen you’re supposed to revel in after an amazing workout.  (If you want to try, there’s currently a Living Social deal going on!)


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