January 25, 2013 Running for a Cause

I had a really enjoyable first half marathon.  It was fun, exciting and the fact that it was in Paris didn’t hurt.  The first 16km was pretty amazing.  And then I hit 17.  And I thought “why would I ever want to do this again!?”  Technically, the Paris 20KM, is, well, only 20 km.  Just short of the full 13.1 miles.  And I can’t say I’ve run a half marathon if I’ve only run 12.4 miles.  So, here we are, and I’m going to run the whole thing.  All 13.1 miles.  But this time, I’ll be running through the streets of Manhattan!  And running for a cause!  I’ll be running to benefit the Organization for Autism Research and would so appreciate your donations!

 Running for a Cause


You can see all of the amazing things they’re doing here and, should you feel so inclined, make a donation here.   You are amazing and so very much appreciated!

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