Hazel 599 2 1024x682 On Our Five Year Anniversary

My Love,

Five years.  I’m in shock… where has the time gone?  Although, in the grand scheme of our eighty year marriage, this is small beans.  A drop in the bucket of what I know will be the most amazing adventure of my life.  You are the most amazing thing that has ever happened to me and I am so lucky to have met you so early in my life.  To become an adult, a full fledged real person, with you standing next to me… it’s been remarkable. I will always be there, by your side.  To support, to love, to encourage.  And I have no doubt that you will be there by mine.  I am so proud of you Chris Hazel.  Proud of the things that you are doing and the path you are taking.  You’ve been my rock for so many years.  I am happy to return the favor.

You know that saying at weddings, “May today be the day I loved you the least”? So true.  I love you more today than I could have imagined in 2008.  We’ve exchanged afternoons at the pool for days of renovating and drinks at bars for drinks on the couch.  We’ve become old and boring together.  I promise to encourage you to leave the house more regularly, and I will likely never stop pushing a trip to France on you.  I know you act like you hate these ideas, but I secretly I think you love it.  I am at my best when exploring with you.

These first five years brought us new careers, new homes and new projects.  We dug roots and built these amazing lives for ourselves.  May the next five bring us adventure, excitement and wings.  May we grow more, love deeper and fly together.

I love you more than I can ever express.  With all my heart.


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