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Love Bomb by Lisa Zeidner

Jordana, as we all know, goes to a ton of weddings. I do not. And I love weddings. They’re really some of the best people watching you can find. Yes, they’re generally a celebration of two lives coming together, two families uniting, and that crazy little thing called love.  But they’re also hotbeds of family disfunction, awkward moments and all the interesting stuff that happens when two families with all their inherent quirks, plus a gaggle of friends and random co-workers, end up all under the same roof…with cocktails in their hands. This is why I love weddings. All the good stuff happens at them. Plus, you get to dress up!

So, now that it’s definitely NOT wedding season, wouldn’t it be fun to attend vicariously? Lisa Zeidner’s Love Bomb fits the bill perfectly, because it’s such a fun read about a wedding you’d be crazy to want to actually attend. We get to see the wedding, which takes place in the bride’s mother’s living room, from its various guests and vendor’s points of view. As the ceremony begins, a terrorist, dressed in a wedding gown, army boots and a gas mask, interrupts and holds everyone hostage. (Let me just pause to say that reading about this sort of situation, in which a small and unlikely group is tossed together for an indeterminate period and must work together in order to survive, is my very favorite. I should probably also pause to think about what this says about me, but let’s not.)

The terrorist is definitely female and she says she’s holding the wedding hostage in order to get a message across to someone who’s wronged her, but she doesn’t say who that person is. All she wants is an apology. After she’s locked the group within the room and taken all of their cell phones, they frantically try to figure out who she is, and who amongst the guests is most likely the person she’s so darn angry with. There are lots of ex’s within those walls, so their feelings about one another provide oodles of hilarity, but my favorite is when all of the therapists, and there are plenty among the hostages, start diagnosing the terrorist. Then, they bicker about the diagnoses and possible treatments. I mean, come on…that’s pure comedy. By the end, you’ll be glad you’ve never been to a wedding quite this exciting, but you’ll also be glad you read about one.

Happy Reading! xo, Jessica

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