I usually don’t eat a big lunch.  I work from home, so I tend to graze… eating a bit here, a bit there, never really making a meal for myself.  But one day, I felt like pizza.  And while I didn’t want to eat pizza, I really did want to eat pizza.  Catch me?  So, I dug around to see what we had, threw this in the oven and have literally been eating it every day since.  That was almost two weeks ago.

It’s so simple I feel a little bit silly even writing it as a recipe.  That’s ridiculous.  But it’s so good, so simple, so delicious, that I couldn’t not share it!   You will feel like you created something amazing, when in actuality you layered some stuff and let it melt.  But isn’t that what it’s all about… taking the super simple and creating amazing?!

I love to eat it with a little bowl of fresh berries.  They are so delicious right now!  The blackberries are absolutely incredible.  I haven’t added fresh basil yet, but I bet that would be incredible as well!

pizza 2 The Best, Easiest, Most Delicious Lunch

Pita Pizza

1 Whole Wheat Pita

Goat Cheese

1/2 Roma Tomato

A handful of olives

salt/pepper/oregano/olive oil


Pile everything on top of the pita.  Broil for five minutes.  Eat.

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