Summers are my busy season, so I tend to spend from May to November completely focused on work.  Lots of shooting and even more time spent in front of my computer.  But I adddore summer.  I love sitting in the backyard and listening to the birds with a cup of coffee.  I like driving down the freeway with the top down and the music blaring.  I have visions of Chris, Basil & I going to the beach with a picnic and blanket.   While I stare at my screen, I day dream about the sun on my face.

So, this summer, I will actually do all of those things.  From Memorial Day through Labor Day I will breathe in as much summer as I can.  All of the things that are quintessentially summer!

JTH 5676 The Summer To Do List

(photo from our Traveling Heart Society Summer 2011 trip)

Revel in Summer 2012

1. Host a dinner party in the backyard.

2. Make a complete dinner from foods I grew.

3. Eat a picnic on the beach.

4. Take Basil to the dog beach.

5. Take a lovely vacation.

6. Go to a baseball game.

7. Rent sea kayaks (OK, I hate kayaks.  But my husband loves them and I promised we could do this for him!)

8. Run a 10K race.

9. Take a cooking class.

10. Host an outdoor movie night & project it onto the garage.

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  1. Megan Welker says:

    I would like to join in on all of these activities. Well, besides kayaking ;)

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