I don’t really have a green thumb.  I have brown thumbs.  No, I have black thumbs.  I’m really not so good at gardening and spend a lot of money to kill beautiful plants.  But, I’ve been working on it.  Working really hard on it actually.  Because I am obsessed with green backyards.  Lush and full of life.  I want to sink down into my backyard and be absolutely intoxicated by the delicious smells and pretty foliage.  So, I’ve been reading.  And researching.  And finding the absolute best way to keep things alive.  It mostly entails good soil.  And water.  And that’s it.  Ha!

I knew I wanted a lot of the backyard to be edible.  If I’m going to spend all this time and money on plants, I want to be able to eat them.  And it’s all organic.  And so pretty.  And I have such a sense of accomplishment that, not only is it not dying, it’s thriving!  And sprouting little flowers and fruits.  Pretty sure I couldn’t be prouder!

A few weeks ago Chris & I built three raised beds.  Because our backyard is mostly sand and clay, and I didn’t want to spend my entire life getting it all garden ready, we thought this would be the best way to go.  They’re super simple boxes with open bottoms.  Then filled with dirt.

Star Jasmine & corn.  Last year I killed the corn.  Hopefully this year will be better!

gardening 032 Attempting to Grow Things

Peaches & Eggplant.

gardening 033 Attempting to Grow Things

Mint & the very beginnings of Cantaloupe and strawberries.

gardening 034 Attempting to Grow Things

gardening 035 Attempting to Grow Things

gardening 036 Attempting to Grow Things

Squash & Kale

gardening 037 Attempting to Grow Things

Tomatoes & Jalapeno & Lavender.  I picked up this tip at the nursery while listening to two other ladies shop together.  Apparently if you plant jalapeno next to a tomato plant, it will keep the bugs away.   So far, it’s looking really good!

gardening 038 Attempting to Grow Things

Grapefruits!   We planted this tree a few years ago and haven’t gotten a huge return on it yet.  But this year is looking oh so good.

gardening 039 Attempting to Grow Things

Apples & Brocolli

gardening 040 Attempting to Grow Things

Oregano & Basil

gardening 041 Attempting to Grow Things

gardening 042 Attempting to Grow Things

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